We partenered with the UBC's renowned economist Dr. Marina Adshade on a project exploring the question of whether female dominated occupations are more at risk of COVID-19 than male dominated occupations. This project is related to the Vancouver School of Economics COVID-19 project exploring the risks and rewards of re-opening various sectors of the Canadian Economy. Researchers working on this project created a COVID-19 risk index based on a variety of factors associated with various occupations such as face to face contact for example. For a more detailed look at their methodology please refer to their user guide.

In the visualizations shown below, we created quartiles of percentages of females within certain occupations to explore factors that may contribute to or may be associated with risk and exposure to COVID-19. Additionally, international and Canadian economic labour classification system allow us to explore how male vs. female dominated occupations contributed the overall makeup of entire economic sectors. In the left-hand side, you may use the normalized stacked bar chart view and select economic sectors and gender quartiles to filter the corresponding scatterplot on the right. Here, x and y-axis measures can be selected from a drop-down menu. Gender quartiles are shown as colors. Additionally, embedded visualizations in tooltips can be viewed when hovering over individual occupations shown as points on the scatterplot to view age distributions and risk measures associated with that occupation.


Click the "fullscreen" button on the lower right-hand side of the visualization.