Why Adopt Visual Analytics?

Visual Analytics for Small and Medium Sized Organizations

For many organizations, the problem is not unmanageable data, but how to make better sense of it, to make the right decisions. With needs that often differ from larger organizations, small and medium sized businesses need increased agility and faster results to fuel growth to take on larger competitors. Analytics has traditionally been reserved for organizations with the capacity to heavily invest in analytics solutions, and commit to developing, internally, the multi-disciplinary capabilities required for their domain. With developments in technology and methodologies this is no longer the scenario.

Visual Analytics can adapt to the needs of SMEs by supporting “Guerilla Analytics”, taking advantage of the speed of Visual Analytics in cycling through the analytical process, regardless of whether there are thousands or billions of rows of data. VA can deliver answers faster, and allow a shift with greater agility throughout the knowledge discovery and sense-making process.

Visual Analytics for Larger Organizations

For some larger organizations, the amount of data has become so overwhelming that new tools are needed to handle the volume, variety and velocity. All present their own problems that big data technologies address. Beyond the ability of managing, processing and analyzing data at such a scale, the question becomes how to make big data “consumable” to individuals within an organization. This requires larger organizations to change their operating model toward a data-driven culture – often difficult to implement. The right tools are required to support this shift.

Visual Analytics supports this transition by facilitating the adoption of analytics tools within an organization, making it easier for domain experts and decision-makers to analyze and understand the data. By providing intuitive, interactive, visual and engaging data-exploration interfaces, VA can mean the difference between a big data solution being “shelfware” or “selfware”.

Why choose VIVA for Visual Analytics training?

The Vancouver Institute of Visual Analytics (VIVA) recognizes and promotes the value of visual analytics to the business community, and provides informational seminars and professional training on the latest in visual analytics tools, techniques and theory. Enrolment in VIVA’s industry membership program grants VARI Lab access to explore data using the latest VA tools to solve your organizations data challenges.

What type of Visual Analytics training is right for you?

VA Breakfast: Visual Analytics Overview
Curious to learn more about how Visual Analytics could help your organization get more out of data? Learn the essentials in this one-hour talk.

Half-Day Course: Intro to Visual Analytics
Delve further into visual analytics with real-world examples, videos, and interactive demos of VA tools and methodologies.

Two-Day Course: From Theory to Practice
Want a solid understanding of the many aspects of visual analytics – from theory to practice? Experience VA with hands-on tutorials using the latest software tools.

Full Course: Applied Visual Analytics
Join our intensive course focusing on practical uses of visual analytics through seminars and lab components. Gain in-depth, hands-on experience with current VA tools and techniques.